Comprehensive Financial Planning


All of us, in some way or another, are involved in some kind of planning related to our financial matters. Be it tax planning, cash flow planning, or retirement planning.

Financial Planning, simply put, is the process of meeting life’s goals through proper management of your finances. The goals may be different for each one of you, however, in most cases it includes buying a home, saving for your child’s education or planning for retirement.

Our comprehensive financial plan includes:

Examining your present financial situation

In order to move forward with a solid personal plan, you'll need a clear picture of your current finances. Our Financial Planner will ask you some important questions to help you figure out where you're headed. These questions may include:

• Do you have a clear picture of your goals and dreams?
• What benefits do you receive from your
• Employer?
• How do you track your current income and expenses?

Protect what's important

From life and disability income insurance to personal auto and home insurance, there are many ways to help protect your family from the financial impact of unexpected events. Which ones are right for you? Which may be unnecessary? Our Financial Planner will help you decide.

• How will unexpected events impact your family's goals?
• What can't you afford to lose?
• How have you prepared for financial risks, illness, long-term care or death?

Wealth Accumulation

What are you saving your money for? Retirement?A home? Your children's education? Buying a Car? No matter what your goals, you'll need to prioritize. Our Financial Planner will guide you through the process, with questions like:

• How do your current investments support your financial goals?
• How much do you need, and how soon do you need it?
• What has your approach been to market fluctuation? Diversification? Risk tolerance?

Managing your taxes

Keeping track of tax dividends, deductions and more can help you understand the general tax treatment of your financial service products. Consider the following:

• Do you know the tax implications of the financial products you own or are considering purchasing?
• Which investment products have tax-advantaged features or benefits?
• Do you want our financial planner to work with your tax filling?

Retirement Planning

Whether you've just entered the workforce or you're getting ready to leave, retirement planning should always be on your list of financial priorities. Your advisor will help you make saving for retirement a part of your overall financial picture.

• What do you dream of doing in retirement?
• Do you have a plan to help make your retirement vision a reality?
• Are you confident that you will be able to recreate your paycheck in retirement?

Leave a legacy

From supporting your family to funding a charity, it's important to talk about where your money will go when you're gone. Our Financial Planner will help you take control of your financial legacy.

• What purpose do you want your financial legacy to serve?
• Do you have a plan to control where your assets go when you are gone?
• Will your plan let you achieve all your goals? How do you know?
• How will your intentions be realized?

Comprehensive Financial Planner – your trusted partner

WealthApp Online is an Independent Financial Planner and Investment Advisor. This means that we take great care to be completely independent in our Research and Financial Planning output. Our Fixed Fee model helps us to sustain this and remain independent and keep our client’s best interest always in mind. Our core philosophy is, and always will be, to keep our clients’ best interest in mind while recommending any investment. We have set processes that ensure that our clients a wrong investment or given biased advice. This helps us retain the trust of our clients over the long term.

Independent Research

Our Research is very objective and does not take the commercial aspects of the business into consideration. We insist that all our clients follow a chosen Asset Allocation strategy to build wealth over the long term.
WealthApp Online will provide direction and meaning to all your financial decisions. We will help you adapt more easily to changes and feel more secure that your goals are on track.

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