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We have taken WealthApp's retirement planning solution in the year 2016.
It gives me great pleasure to say that we have benefited immensely from the in-depth analysis and solutions provided by WealthApp. What we found very beneficial was their personalised approach wherein they have provided us with customised solutions to our varied requirements from time to time. WealthApp Team has also been proactive in providing us with financial prudence in the field of fund management. In the market scenario today, it gives us the confidence that they are our right financial partners.
WealthApp has also provided us with detailed market trends and analysis, with an overview of macro and micro analysis of socio-economic factors on a national and global scale. This in turn has helped WealthApp to jointly walk hand in hand with us in today's volatile market scenario. I congratulate WealthApp on opening of its offices at Hyderabad and Bengaluru and wish them all the best in their journey towards prosperity.
-Amitava Sengupta, Siemens

Over the past 20 years, I know Soumyajit and am investing with Wealthapp Distributors since the very beginning. I really love the transparency with which Team WealthApp provides me all the details regarding my investments.
-Aditya Modi, Industrialist, Gurgaon

Our experience with WEALTHAPP has been SUPERB till date. Soumyajit has been PERSONALLY extremely USEFUL as well as CARING in GUIDING and GROOMING us towards the advantages of being invested with MUTUAL FUNDS (MFs).
Your BACKEND SUPPORT including Ms. JAYATEE has been SUPERLATIVELY RESPONSIVE in terms of providing answers to our various queries along with NETWORKING with VARIOUS MFs has been great as well as hassle free.
The BEST USP which WEALTHAPP has is its ONLINE PORTAL which not only gives the DAILY UPDATE on the PRESENT VALUE of our INVESTMENTS which is VERY COMFORTING but also further gives a DETAILED ANALYSIS of OUR INVESTED PORTFOLIO.
Last but NOT the LEAST, WEALTHAPP I FEEL has developed its SOUND CREDIBILITY over the YEARS, which it WELL DESERVES and WE the ROYS WISH THEM ALL the BEST & NTH GROWTH for their FUTURE.
-Sudip Roy, Retired from Tata Motors Finance, Mumbai

My observations:
1. My association with Wealthapp Distributors is since its birth and my experience has been very engaging and refreshing.
2. Wealthapp Distributors stands out for its competence and my best wishes remain.
-Kalyan Dhall, DeeceeElectrosystems Private Limited, Kolkata

I retired last year in July and got in touch with Mr. Soumyajit of Wealthapp Distributors. He met me, and that was the last day for the stress of Financial planning for my Retiral benefits. My corpus has been appropriately invested and I am getting returns that has been planned. Their homework and analysis is in-depth and customer-centric. I am fully satisfied with their professional expertise. Thanks, Wealthapp Distributors Team for being a wonderful support.
-Deepak Srivastava, Retired from Nestle (I) Ltd, Chennai

I would advise everyone to open up your mutual fund account today because you have the best person sitting here, who could guide you.
-Mr. Saurabh Mundra, Proprietor, Print-O-Graphics

I really liked his prompt services and very happy to invest through him. I hereby ask all of you to get at least one mutual fund from him and get those fantastic advice and support.
-Mr. Raj Kumar Verma, Abatech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.



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